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UpMobility Foundation Announces Support of Right to Start 

UpMobility Foundation is pleased to announce our  support of Right to Start, a nonprofit organization that seeks to promote entrepreneurship across all races, genders and places in the United States. Right to Start is committed to building a national civic infrastructure to support increased opportunities for entrepreneurship. 

UpMobility Foundation Announces Support of The Empire Center for Public Policy 

UpMobility Foundation is pleased to announce our  support of the Empire Center for Public Policy. Located in Albany, New York, the Empire Center for Public Policy is an independent, non-partisan think tank that strives to make New York state a better place to live through public policy reforms.

UpMobility Foundation Announces Support of The House of the Good Shepherd 

UpMobility Foundation is happy to announce our  support of the House of the Good Shepherd in Utica, New York. Since 1872, the House of the Good Shepherd has worked to help children through a variety of programs, including institutional level care, psychiatric evaluation and care and foster care placement. 

UpMobility Foundation Announces Support of Robin Hood Foundation 

UpMobility Foundation is happy to announce our  support of Robin Hood Foundation,  a  nonprofit organization that partners with other aid organizations to lift families out of poverty in New York City. The need for Robin Hood Foundation's support has skyrocketed following the devastating fallout of COVID-19, which has resulted in financial catastrophe for many of the city's service workers. 

UpMobility Foundation Announces Support of Defy Ventures 

UpMobility Foundation is happy to announce our  support of Defy Ventures,  a  nonprofit organization that works to lower prison recidivism rates through a variety of programs conducted for incarcerated people as well as those who have been released. Our founder Martin Babinec is a longtime supporter of Defy Ventures, as the organization aligns with his belief in the power of second chances and striving to improve one's circumstances. 

UpMobility Foundation Announces Support of MedShare

UpMobility Foundation is pleased to announce our  support of MedShare,  a humanitarian aid nonprofit that delivers surplus medical supplies and equipment to those in need in 100 countries. With our  support of MedShare, UpMobility has continued our commitment to  helping to uplift people in developing countries. 

UpMobility Foundation Announces Support of Center for Policing Equity

UpMobility Foundation closed out 2020 with a decision  to support the Center for Policing Equity, a research center based at Yale University that works to identify the causes of racial disparities in law enforcement while advocating for meaningful change. UpMobility is committed tp supporting the ongoing battle for racial equity. 


UpMobility Foundation Announces Support of the Water Mission

UpMobility Foundation is proud to announce our support of the Water Mission, an engineering nonprofit based in North Charleston, South Carolina. The Water Mission's work to design, build and implement safe water, sanitation and hygiene solutions for those in need complements the commitment UpMobility has made to helping people in developing countries access clean water. 

UpMobility Foundation Grantee The Root Farm Closes Out 2020 on a High Note

UpMobility Foundation grantee the Root Farm closed out 2020 on  a high note after an unprecedented year halted most of their operations. Thanks to support from UpMobility and other donors, the Root Farm was able to reopen their freight farms as well as rehire two employees. UpMobility is proud of the progress the Root Farm was able to make in the midst of a global crisis and looks forward to continuing to help them in the future. 

UpMobility Foundation Partners With Food for the Poor to Give 175,000 Meals to Jamaicans 

In a year of unprecedented global turmoil, the UpMobility Foundation is proud to be able to continue our work with longtime partner Food for the Poor. In response to the economic impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on Jamaica, the UpMobility Foundation is working with Food for the Poor to put together food baskets for those in need. Additionally, we are working to stock the baskets, which are projected to provide 175,000 meals,  with products from Jamaican businesses--a clear demonstration of our commitment to supporting local agriculture. 

UpMobility and Founder Martin Babinec Receive the 2020 Foundation of Hope Award 

UpMobility Foundation is honored to be the recipient of a 2020 Foundation of Hope Award from nonprofit organization On Point for College. Our founder Martin Babinec is a longtime supporter of On Point for College and was specifically recognized by the Utica, New York office director Kevin Marken for his "ongoing leadership" and "sage advice" that has "helped On Point forward the educational dreams of students in our region."  On Point has recognized UpMobility Foundation for our "visionary investment" in their organization, an investment that has been instrumental in inspiring others to help "low income, refugee, inner city, foster care and other young people in Utica transform their lives and their community." 

UpMobility Foundation Partners with Central New York’s The Root Farm to Help the Mohawk Valley Through the Pandemic

UpMobility Foundation is pleased to announce our partnership with Upstate New York nonprofit The Root Farm. Located on over 100 acres in Sauquoit, New York, The Root Farm is focused on providing transformative learning experiences to all, regardless of age or ability level. The Root Farm features an equine-assisted therapy center, an agriculture center, and the world's first fully adaptive high ropes course, among other offerings. The Root Farm's commitment to creating inclusive, empowering experience aligns perfectly with UpMobility Foundation's mission to help people reach their full potential. Read more here

UpMobility Foundation Strengthens its Support of Little Falls Public Library in the COVID-19 Era

UpMobility Foundation is proud to be a longtime supporter of the Little Falls Public Library in our founder Martin Babinec's hometown of Little Falls, New York. The library has played an integral role in Little Falls over the years, as it offers a  beautiful, historic place for community members to gather as well as a variety of programs for patrons of all ages. We are committed to helping this vital part of the community continue to thrive during the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. UpMobility Foundation's support of the library helps to ensure that it will still be able to employ community members-- which speaks to our mission of helping others reach their fullest potential.  

UpMobility Foundation Works to Build Community Through its Support of  Little Falls High School Alumni Website 

UpMobility Foundation is excited to announce the rollout of the upgraded version of the Little Falls High School alumni website. Originally developed in 2005 as a digital alumni network by our founder, Martin Babinec, the LFHS alumni site now hosts over 3000 registered users. This latest iteration of the website gives Little Falls High School alumni the opportunity to interact with each other through posting memories, news, events, as well as sharing photo albums that can be shared with fellow classmates or all alumni. During a time when maintaining close connections is more important than ever, the UpMobility Foundation is excited to see how the LFHS alumni website will further strengthen the Little Falls High School alumni community. 

Martin Babinec announces his new book, More Good Jobs.  

Our founder Martin Babinec's new book More Good Jobs details lessons he learned and key people he met in his journey to understand how to spur economic growth in his community.  While the book opens with a big picture view of challenges that communities face in creating more good jobs, it segues into a practical playbook for those who are interested in nudging their community towards becoming an economic magnet. Drawing on his background as a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Martin emphasizes the importance of helping entrepreneurs start and grow companies as imperative to creating more good jobs.  

UpMobility Partners With On Point to Provide Laptops to Students in Need.

With remote learning becoming all but essential in the age of COVID-19, the UpMobility Foundation is pleased to partner with  nonprofit organization On Point for College to provide college students in need with laptops just as a new school year begins. Founded in Syracuse, New York, On Point for College has helped over 10,000 mostly low-income young people get into college. On Point for College also provides support to participants once they’re enrolled in school as well as after graduation. Access to education is one of  the UpMobility Foundation’s major funding areas and we look forward to continuing our longtime relationship with On Point for College through this new era in education

UpMobility's Investment in the Bahamas Hurricane Relief Water Purification System Stands Up Against Another Threat.  Our partnership with leading nonprofit organization Food for the Poor in developing a reverse osmosis water purification system on Grand Bahama Island has proved to be especially valuable during the COVID-19 era. The facility was completed right before quarantines went into effect-- decimating the travel industry in the Bahamas. UpMobility is proud to be of help during a time when clean, local sources of water are more important than ever. 

UpMobility Partners with Nonprofit Organizations Young Women of Purpose, Link Your Purpose and Entrepreneurs Across Borders to Fund Rutgers University's Global Entrepreneurial Experience Scholarships.  The virtual teen camp provides learning and mentorship from the entrepreneurs behind TriNet, Google, Facebook, Kickstarter, and Angies List, among others and is designed to help Jamaican high school entrepreneurs realize their potential.

UpMobility Funds the 2020 Young Scholars Graduate Leadership Development Program.  This program offers graduates of the Young Scholars Program, who are currently enrolled in college or in the workforce, a chance to advance their personal, professional, and community leadership skills.

Bahamas Hurricane Relief Water Purification System.  Clean water is one of the most important long-term resources for those recovering from Hurricane Dorian. Florida-based aid organization Food for the Poor has partnered with the UpMobility Foundation, Inc. and South Carolina-based nonprofit organization Water Mission to help. The UpMobility Foundation provided critical funding for a reverse osmosis system that can produce more than 30,000 gallons of safe water to Grand Bahama daily. 

Danielle Nicole Concert in Little Falls.  The Grammy-nominated Danielle Nicole Band rolled into Little Falls, New York, in August 2019 to put on a concert produced by UpMobility Foundation's founder, Martin Babinec. In coverage of the sold-out event in the local media, Martin noted the importance of the arts in building up a community. "Having people turn out as volunteers for a big arts project like this, fuels our hope that it can propel us forward, even more, to build on the strong foundation that Little Little Falls already has," Martin told mylittlefalls.com. 

Montego Bay, Jamaica,  - Martin Babinec, Silicon Valley entrepreneur and Co-founder of Entrepreneurs Across Borders, Inc., a global non-profit organization that connects resources to emerging economies, spoke at the Tech Beach Jamaica Conference in Montego Bay, Jamaica.